Launch of the First Educational Gaming System for Kids

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Educational entertainment company LeapFrog have announced the launch of the first ever educational gaming system aimed at kids, called LeapTV.

Designed purposely for children between the age of three and eight years old, this system is the first of its kind combining education, activity and movement. An intuitive user interface has even been created, to help with their small hands and limited dexterity.

The system comes with classic gameplay, with a controller that transforms into a motion and LED controller. This enables three ways to play, which range from body motion, pointer play and classic control. It also features a motion-sensing camera, which allows players to be part of the game directly.

Drawing from 2,600 skills including reading, maths, science and creativity, the gameplay is blended with age-appropriate curriculum, with games adapting to the age or level of the child.

According to Dr Jody Sherman LeVos, director of LeapFrog’s Learning Team, ‘Less than one per cent of the tens of thousands of video game titles are rated appropriate for children under the age of six years.’

‘At LeapFrog, we built LeapTV from the ground-up to make it the best first video gaming experience for children. From the simple user interface to the innovative controller with a built-in ‘hint’ button and a world-class Learning Library all designed or approved by our Learning Team, LeapTV gets children’s minds and bodies moving while engaging in learning fun.’