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What’s trending this week

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

This week’s news round-up is all about the Royal Family, Dad La Soul and #EndABookQuickly.


This week people were changing some of the most popular books in history with quick one liners. It’s interesting to think of how differently our favourite books could’ve ended if just a few different words were used.

Harry and Meghan take a step back…

Last week the Duke and Duchess of Sussex released a statement saying that they would be stepping back as “senior” members in the Royal Family and it took no time for the memes to arrive.

Some have even taken to calling this couple, “Meghan Markle and her husband.” Meghan has already returned to Canada and everyone around is waiting to see what will be next for the royal family.

Meghan and Harry were a highly trending topic this week.

Providing for your family…

Tom Briggs of Diary of a Dad has shed some light on what providing for his family means to him. Providing for your family came mean something different to each family, and does not only refer to who brings in the highest income. Check out what he had to say here.

Dad La Soul has announced their 2020 events…

Our favourite dad parenting group Dad La Soul has announced their events the upcoming year. This parenting group is all about helping dads connect with one another while teaching kids new and fun skills.

Dad La Soul

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