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4 rules for keeping your pushchair pristine

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Check out Joie’s top tips for maintaining your pushchair this wild and wet autumn.

Ah the season of perpetual muddy wheels is upon us!

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when you seem to spend most of your time battling to get a soggy pushchair into the boot of your car without dropping your umbrella and half of your shopping.

And while a wet buggy is a little inconvenient to say the least, it’s also not great for the mechanism of your be-wheeled best mate.

Because Joie knows how important it is for your pushchair to be running smoothly, they’ve put together a few helpful tips to keep your little one’s ride on the road

Give it a post beach bath

Those warm summer days are a bit of a distant memory now, but cast your mind back – did you rinse your pushchair off the last time you went to the beach?

The salt in seawater can cause damage to the metal frame and working mechanisms, causing them to rust – and no one wants that. Bike cleaning sprays are a really easy, convenient way to keep your buggy clean, but soap and water works just as well.

Once clean, lubricate the wheels and brakes with a silicon based lubricant spray to keep things running smoothly.

Dry as a bone

You can guarantee, if it’s going to rain it will be just as you head out for a walk. There’s no getting away from it, sometimes your beautiful buggy is going to get a bit soggy, but as long as you dry it out when you get home it will be fine.

Most importantly, don’t leave it folded up in the boot of the car while its wet – leave it somewhere it can air dry like a porch or garage and make sure you dry the rain cover before you pack it away.

Snack time situations

Nothing makes more mess than a baby with a biscuit! Once you’ve wiped their face and put their clothes on to soak, you might want to consider giving the buggy a clean down as well.

Warm water, baby soap and a toothbrush are great for getting rid of stubborn marks and dried on food. Use a dry towel to soak up any excess water then let your buggy dry somewhere warm.

Don’t use bleach as it could damage the material and only machine wash according to the care label – most importantly, never tumble dry.

Pump it up

The most important parts of your buggy to keep clean are the ones you can’t see – the moving mechanisms – but that shouldn’t mean out of sight out of mind.

The wheels, the brakes, the recline and the folding features are the most essential elements of your buggy – keeping them clean and lubricated will not only make it easier to use, but will also help to prolong its lifetime.

A dry silicone spray lubricant, applied once a month is ideal for banishing squeaky wheels and stiff brakes.

If your buggy has air tyres, it’s important to check the pressure regularly in the same way you would check car tyres, especially if you are heading out for the day. If you are going on holiday or out for a long day, it’s also a good idea to carry a small travel pump, just in case.

Tyre pressure can be affected by heat, causing the rims to warp so it is important to store your buggy somewhere cool.

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