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Music to match every family moment with Rockabye Radio

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The new boutique radio station arrives to deliver music to match every family moment, 24/7.

Rockabye Radio is a boutique radio station, playing music especially created by experts for  babies, toddlers and young children.

On a mission to create the ideal musical environment that will  enhance all aspects of family life – the new channel is available online or via the app, 24/7.  

Created by Music Specialists, Mike and Karen Eaves, the unique radio station is sure to get the whole  household jigging. The music broadcast and hourly schedule has been thoughtfully curated to support the family day, from nursery rhymes during activity time, to lullabies at nap time, the  programme ticks all the boxes.

Whether you are having a morning at home listening to ‘Up and About’ from 7am, you’re rocking around the kitchen table during the ‘Daytime Disco’ at 2.30pm, or doing a night feed while listening  to lullabies (available from 7pm – 6am) – Rockabye Radio plays non-stop throughout the day and  night!  

Rockabye Radio is totally free and really easy to access, either via the webpage or an app on your smartphone. You can even put in your own requests, ensuring there really is something for  everyone. 

Musical benefits

Tuning into Rockabye Radio will not only help parents to create the perfect ambience for a happy  home, research has shown that listening to music from an early age can help aid everything from  healthy sleep patterns to language development and concentration.

In fact, it is understood that  playing music to your baby as early as 22 weeks’ gestation, helps them recognise and find comfort in their favourite music up to a year after birth.  

Founders Mike and Karen have a plethora of knowledge and experience under their belt. Having  studied classical violin, Karen set up The British Academy of New Music as well as teaching and  training music teachers across the east of England.

Whilst Mike is a renowned composer and  guitarist who has worked on west end shows such as The Lion King and Mamma Mia. Not only does  their musical talent sound phenomenal, their knowledge of the benefits of music for children are  second to none. 

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