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Tongue-In-Cheek Gin

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Fok Hing Gin, a new Hong Kong-British gin brand has been winning the approval of judges at the London Spirits Competition with a Silver Award for its premium spirit.

The brand, inspired by the UK and Hong Kong’s past-colonial relationship, takes cues from historic landmarks in Hong Kong, making it the perfect conversation starter.


Its signature Edition 852 gin pays homage to its hometown, concocting a complexity of flavours that embodies the light, colour, sound, atmosphere, variety and mayhem of Hong Kong. A floral jasmine green tea scent greets with citrus notes at palate, finishing off with a spicy Szechuan pepper kick.

Natural botanicals are sourced from a century-old spice shop in Hong Kong and flown to the UK where the gin is distilled and bottled. It has taken 13 formulations to build the perfect recipe and the right balance of flavours to produce this harmonious botanical blend.

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