Care Home Residents Give New Dads Advice For Father’s Day

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

As Father’s Day approaches (19th June 2022), residents at a care home near Bradford have shared their parenting tips for new fathers and dads-to-be.

From showing affection and pride, to remembering that all parents will make mistakes, their advice is based on decades of experience.

As well as sharing their parenting wisdom, residents at Bupa’s Cottingley Hall Care Home in Bingley have also reflected on their fondest memories as a parent; with family holidays and enjoying time together being the most popular.

Father’s Day Wisdom – Residents’ Best Advice For New Dads:

  • “It’s ok to make mistakes; being a parent is never easy”
  • “Always be proud”
  • “Take care of your family and always do your best”
  • “Embrace life, never take it for granted”
  • “Enjoy your time with your children”
  • “Be ready to be a father first”
  • “Always dedicate time to them and show affection”
  • “Supporting your family is key”
  • “Make the best provisions you possible can afford”
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Alan Hall, 91, has two sons, one of who has travelled the world for his career – currently he’s in New Zealand after moving from America. One of Alan’s funniest memories was when his wife asked their globe-trotting son if he was just trying to escape his parents by moving as far away as he could!

Excited to share his advice, he said: “As a new dad, make the best provisions you possible can afford. Supporting your family is key”.

Another Bupa Cottingley Hall resident is 92-year-old Joseph Graham, a father to four sons. Born and raised in Bradford, Joseph had a career as a local police officer, and moved into the care home in March.

One of Joseph’s fondest memories is being at the seaside with his four sons. He loved seeing them play on the sand and together in the sea. 

“My best advice for any new dads this year is to remember that it’s ok to make mistakes. Being a parent is never easy, but always do your best. Be proud and always take care of your family, too”, says Joseph.

Like Joseph, 80-year-old George Towler has four children. He’s lived in Cullingworth all his life and has been a resident at Cottingley for over four years. George advises new dads to “embrace life and never take it for granted”.

“Make sure you enjoy your time with your children – it goes so quickly”! Joseph’s most treasured memories with his family are the times they spent together abroad on holiday, where all the family would get together and have fun.

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Lastly, 88-year-old resident Brian Cryer – a father of three, who has been at the home for two years.

“My advice for new dads is to always dedicate your time to your children and show them lots of affection. Make sure you’re prepared and ready to be a father too!”, he says.

Brian is a keen piano player, and his happiest memory of being a dad is watching all his children side at the side of him whilst he played.

For all new dads and dads-to-be, one of the most important messages is to enjoy your time with your family. Often, it’s the little things that can make a big difference and help us all to enjoy and embrace life more.

Lorraine Tinker, manager at Bupa’s Cottingley Hall care home, commented: “We’ll be helping all our residents celebrate Father’s Day this weekend and are looking forward to welcoming visitors. We’re like one big family here so, even if residents don’t have children of their own, we’ll be on hand to make a fuss of them.”


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