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Breast Pump
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The dad appeal for the Medela Breast Pump is not immediately obvious, however, most new dads will testify that keeping mum happy is high on their priorities. In today’s extra busy times families can do with all the help they can get, something especially true when a new addition has just come along. Here is where the Medela Breast Pump comes into its own, allowing mum to get that little bit more control in a time of upheaval.

Breast PumpThe Medela Swing Pump is the only single electric personal use breast pump with breakthrough 2-Phase Expression® Technology for maximum milk flow.
First researched and developed for hospital breastpumps, 2-Phase Expression is an advanced pumping pattern that mimics a baby’s natural nursing rhythm by pumping in two distinct modes:

Stimulation mode: Simulates your baby’s initial rapid sucking to start your milk flowing

Expression mode: Simulates your baby’s slower, deeper sucks to express your milk gently and efficiently
Ideal for convenience and efficiency when you’re on the move, this breast pump will fit into a briefcase or handbag, and can be used on a tabletop or with the belt clip or shoulder strap.
The Medela Swing Breast Pump also features adjustable speed and vacuum and a one-touch let-down button for faster milk flow.

For us at FQ it’s a winner, anything that makes life easier for mum, makes life easier for us dads.