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Four perfect swaddles for your newborn baby

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Keep your newborn wrapped up safe and secure with these four excellent swaddles.

Whether it’s to help your newborn baby sleep or to calm them down during a cry fest, swaddles are an essential item for every parent. We consider four of the best.

Sleepea 5-second Swaddle

This is the world’s five 5-second baby swaddle promotes healthy hips and due to launch in the UK soon. It has a double zip from top to bottom and an inner Velcro wrap around the arms that keeps your newborn extra secure once zipped in, though there are two arm openings for if they want to keep them free. The cotton is 100 per cent organic and feels lovely and soft to touch. Its designer is Dr Harvey Karp, a paediatrician who’s five S’s were instrumental in helping shape how parents swaddle their babies. It’s no surprise, then, that this swaddle works wonders.

$25.95 |

Little Elephants Newborn Swaddle

We love the way that this 100 percent cotton and 100 per cent cute baby swaddle is especially quick to use. The Velcro keeps your newborn safe and secure and is overall designed to allow your baby’s hips to move, as opposed to being tightly bound, promoting all-important healthy hip positioning. For an extra cost, there is also the option of having it personalised with the name of your choice. This is a superb choice of swaddle to ease your baby into the world.

£15 |

Swaddle UP Warm 2.5 Tog

This great swaddle combines all the benefits of a traditional swaddle with the easy-to-use and safety of a sleepsuit. The integrated blanket is made from soft and breathable bamboo fibre and has a hip-healthy design as well as an ‘arms up’ design, which allows your newborn to self-soothe by being able to rub their own cheeks, which promotes a better night’s sleep for them (and in turn for you, too). The two-way zipper allows for quick and easy nappy changes with minimal fuss, while the 2.5 tog is perfect for keeping your baby warmer during the coming colder months.

£31.99 |

Sophiesticated Swaddle Set

This sweet gift set features an original Sophie la Girafe teether and a Sophie la Girafe Swaddling Cloth. The swaddling cloth is an essential everyday accessory that can also be used a security blanket, a bibs, protection for baby in the pushchair, a cover, a changing mat and more. It’s an ample 120cm x 120cm and made from soft, breathable material. While the popular giraffe teether (made from 100 per cent natural rubber) is now 54 years old and still going strong. It all comes packaged in a premium gift box and each set comes with its own Sophie la Girafe branded gift bag and a gift card.

£29.99 |