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Citroen ë-SpaceTourer Business Lounge Review

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Citroen has always been known for its innovative designs, and the ë-SpaceTourer Business Lounge M 50kWh 136 is no exception, writes Tim Barnes-Clay.

This electric multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) is a boost for businesses that want to transport clients and associates in style while being environmentally responsible.

The Citroen is part of the French brand’s electric vehicle (EV) lineup. Its decent design and range make it a popular choice for small and medium-sized enterprises prioritising sustainable transportation.

With its 50kWh battery, the ë-SpaceTourer Business Lounge M 50kWh 136 can travel an average of 137 miles on a single charge (or up to 201 miles around town), making it ideal for short to medium-distance trips.

The electric motor delivers 136 horsepower, providing a smooth driving experience. The Citroen can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 13.1 seconds, which is not fast but fine for a vehicle of its size. Furthermore, the ë-SpaceTourer Business Lounge’s top speed is 81mph, which is more than sufficient for most local or regional business travel.

One of the vehicle’s key advantages is its spacious interior. The MPV can accommodate up to nine people, making it ideal for businesses transporting groups of clients or associates. The seats are upholstered in high-quality materials, and each chair has an armrest and individual reading lights. The panoramic sunroof provides plenty of natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

The ë-SpaceTourer Business Lounge’s interior is also packed with advanced features that make it a pleasure to drive and ride in. The seven-inch touchscreen display is easy to navigate and provides access to a range of infotainment and connectivity options. Additionally, the Citroen’s sound system delivers crisp, clear audio, making it ideal for playing music or conducting conference calls on the go.

Crucially, the ë-SpaceTourer Business Lounge M 50kWh 136 is kitted out with a range of safety gadgets, including a driver attention alert system, cruise control and speed limiter, front and rear curtain airbags and a rear-view camera. These features help ensure the EV is a safe and secure choice.

As mentioned, the ë-SpaceTourer Business Lounge M 50kWh 136 is a good-looking compact MPV. It features Citroen’s signature double chevron grille, which is both stylish and distinctive. The aerodynamic lines and smooth curves give it a modern and sophisticated appearance, while the LED daytime running lights provide a touch of elegance.

In conclusion, this Citroen model is an impressive vehicle that combines comfort and eco-friendliness. Its spacious interior, advanced features, and range make it a good choice for local businesses that want to make a statement while minimising their carbon footprint.

Whether ferrying clients about or shuttling associates to a team-building event, the ë-SpaceTourer Business Lounge M 50kWh 136 is the perfect vehicle for all your business needs.

Fast Facts – Citroen ë-SpaceTourer Business Lounge M 50kWh 136 as tested:

  • Max speed:                 81 mph
  • 0-62 mph:                  13.1 secs
  • Range:                        137 combined / 201 city
  • Engine layout:            50kWh electric motor
  • Max. power (PS):        136
  • CO2:                            0 g/km
  • Price:                           £48,695

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