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Lincoln named Man Cave Capital

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

A man cave, which has seen a rise in popularity, is a room or part of a home used to relax and pursue hobbies, away from the rest of the family, writes Tim Barnes-Clay. 

Last year, people in Britain searched for man caves an average of 85,000 times a month. 

Search engine analysis by Mobile Annexe has revealed Lincoln as the king of the man caves. 

Man caves are searched an average of 1,230 times a month in the city. 

When taking the population into account, that’s an average of 1201 searches per 100 thousand residents a month – the highest in the UK. 

Norwich came second with 985, and Mansfield third with 913. 

Ranking: Place: Average Monthly Searches Per 100k Residents 
1 Lincoln 1201 
2 Norwich 985 
3 Mansfield 913 
4 Worcester 907 
5 Preston 840 
6 Wrexham 799 
7 St Helens 779 
8 Chesterfield 762 
9 Gloucester 746 
10 Burnley 739 

Gary Clayden-Smith, from Mobile Annexe, said: “With a rise in homeworking following lockdown and Covid, it’s understandable that people want a dedicated place to escape work. 

“A man cave can be the ultimate place to do this, a place to escape and connect with your inner child – whether that’s through gaming, creating, or even just playing. 

“I’m not surprised at all that interest remains high as, after all, who doesn’t like a bit of me time.” 

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Here are some tips for creating a man cave: 

  • Find Your Purpose: Figure out the main goal of your man cave, whether it’s a place to watch sports, play video games, work out, or pursue hobbies. This will allow you to pick the perfect design and layout. 
  • Personalise the Space: Put your personality into your man cave with things like posters and collectables. From movies, to music, to sport, make the area your own. 
  • Beverage Station: Make sure you’re never in need of a drink with a dedicated bar area. Add a mini-fridge or cooler and stock it with your favorites, whether it’s craft beer, wine, or soft drinks. 
  • Multi-Functional Design: Add features that allow for different activities. For example, a fold-down table could be used as a gaming station and a workspace, and a big TV is great for movie nights or gaming marathons. Really work on making the most of the space you have.

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