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HOW TO keep study on track

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Help get your kids’ minds back on schoolwork with Laura Adcock.
With the end of the school holidays in sight, it can sometimes be tricky to get kids back into studying mode’ and focused on school projects.

At this time of year, ‘homework’ is not a favourite word in the household but being a good parent means it’s our job to help and encourage them. If your child has a study space that is not only comfortable but meets their individual needs, it is likely they will get more homework done. 

Create a study room
When growing up, bedrooms are the epicentre of any child’s world so it is the ideal space to set up a comfortable work zone. Going for an ‘all-in-one’ bed is worth thinking about as it will save space and create a fun environment for your child to study in. They combine a space where the kids can work, rest and play in ultimate comfort. Suitable for children and teenagers, an all-in-one bed will also add functionality to your child’s bedroom by incorporating a bed, desk and drawers all into one compact unit.

Comfortable chair
A comfortable chair is an absolute must when creating an appropriate study area. The chair must not be too comfortable as it will induce sleepiness, so ensure it is straight backed and ergonomically designed to keep your child alert and on task.

School supplies
There’s nothing like a good collection of stationary to get your kids enthusiastic about going back to school. Pens, pencils, crayons, Pritt Sticks and notebooks will get them organised and prepared for study time.

Good lighting is important to make sure your child doesn’t strain their eyes. An adjustable, accompanying light such as a desk lamp will ensure the light is spread wide enough to cover the entire surface of the desk. The shade on the fixture should also be adequate enough to prevent the lamp’s bulb from glaring in your child’s eyes.