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How to travel with kids (without losing your mind)

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Wondering how to travel with kids? AJ and Natasha, aka The 2 Idiots Travel Blog, wrote the book on it… Literally.

AJ, Natasha and their young son, Aarav, have visited over an impressive 40 countries. So what else was there to do but round up their experiences and put them in a helpful book called How To Travel With Kids, Without Losing Your Mind.

Here, they give us the scoop on the book as well as some great tips on how to travel with kids.

What inspired you to write such a book?

After our eight-month around-the-world trip, we had a lot of parents reach out to us and ask questions about travelling. It made us realise there was a gap with family traveling.

Family photo

There was no real practical guides to help families who want to travel. We wanted to share our experiences with other families and inspire them to travel more together as a family. 

What’s the most difficult about travelling with children?

At the end of the day children are little people who some times cannot understand why things are happening. They have really big emotions that they have a hard time expressing and that’s the most difficult part about travelling with children (or doing anything with children). Also the pace is slower with children and you tend to carry more stuff.

What’s the biggest reward about travelling as a family?

Spending time with your children without any work schedules or stress is one of the most rewarding things about travel. You can be fully engaged as a family and the see the beauty of the world through their eyes. 

Any tips for travelling with kids for the first time?

It’s going to be different and the first time travelling with your child will be the most challenging. But like anything else in life you will learn from it and we promise it gets easier after that!

What’s the biggest myth about travelling with children?

Travel with young kids is too hard and isn’t worth it. We’ve heard this a lot from parents who say that they would wait till the kids are “older” to travel more. It’s not easy to travel with kids but it is so worth it.

how to travel with kids in waterpark

You build memories that last a lifetime, connect with your family at a new level and learn along the way. In fact, we think it’s such a myth that we wrote a whole article on it (and is our most popular article to date).

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