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No Hassle just packing space
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

It’s ironic how holidays can be stressful. Before you’ve even set off you’re knee deep in all kinds of stress. There’s the hassle of sorting out the house, the luggage, the pets and the sitters. And there can be even more hassle if you are planning to take the car.

If you’ve got a road trip on the horizon, or are planning to drive to your next holiday destination, motoring expert Mat Watson has 5 great tips to ensure that at least the packing stage is hassle free.

The hassle-free way to travel

1. Know your boot

It’s common sense: know how big your boot is. If you know the boot’s dimensions, you know if your luggage will fit. If you’re a new parent, or have young children, you will probably have no end of accessories. Make sure the boot is large enough to fit everything you need.

You can free up space by removing any unnecessary items. If the boot alone just won’t do, a roof rack with a box may be the key to fitting everything in.

2. Tetris expert level

The misspent hours playing Tetris were all in preparation for this day. The order in which you pack is everything. Make sure the biggest cases go first and the hand luggage goes on top. Make sure nothing is obstructing your view and all items are secured.

3. Vacuum to victory

Stuffing your underwear into your shoes is one way to pack light. A more practical way is to vacuum pack your items and pack them into your suitcase. You can find vacuum pack bags in stores and online. It also means you can take more!

4. Be ruthless

It’s make or break time. Do you really need to take that Fedora? Will the kids need every toy they own? Be realistic and cut anything unnecessary.

5. Get creative

Make the most of hidden space. The gaps under the seats, in the footwell and in the glovebox can all be used if you’re being ambitious with your packing.

If you make use of all available space you’ll be surprised how much you can pack into even a small car. Packing done! Now all you need to do is keep the kids calm and happy in the car until you get there.

No one said parenting was easy.