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Traveling with kids
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Travelling with the kids this summer needn’t be a chore, here are some top tips  from Fun Learning on how to keep the kids occupied on long journeys.

Wipe Clean and Reusable

Try and stock up on activities that children can use again and again or for multi-purpose play. A great example is a simple Dry Wipe Board. It can be used for drawing or playing games like Noughts and Crosses. Investing in some magnetic letters or numbers means you can also get them practicing their spelling and numbers whilst still having fun doing it.

Surprise Gifts

Wrap a few small inexpensive activities or gifts and introduce them at different intervals during the journey. These act as a double surprise as children love opening presents and it then gives them something to keep them entertained on the trip. Party bag toys work wonders for this, so go out and buy some stretchy animals, slinkies and fidget toys that are cheap and easy to pack away.

Games for the whole family

Card games like Snap or Uno are simple, but great, as they can be adapted and played in any small area. The same goes for travel-sized games like noughts and crosses or Connect 4 as they are easily transportable and don’t take up much room.

Use your imagination

Travelling can give you plenty of things to see whilst looking out the window so use your initiative and engage in games such as I Spy and Road Trip Bingo to get the kids looking at their surroundings and learning how to stay alert and spot things quickly.

Pack electronics Travelling with Kurio Watch

The easiest way to keep your kids entertained on long journeys is to give them a tablet or an MP3 to ensure they are occupied. With the ability to download game, music and movies or TV shows means you can keep them quiet and busy all at the same time.

Along the same lines is the Smart Watch from Kurio. With built-in bluetooth technology and 20 pre-loaded apps, the kids can have an adult quality, interactive electronic experience whilst still being entertained for hours. The watch also features a high quality camera and video recorder which means they can film their journey and take photos whilst on holiday. What’s more, the Kurio watch has a music player app and it syncs with Android phones so the kids can pretend to be grown-ups yapping away on calls without all the responsibilities and bills to pay.

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