Sue Radford reveals her top homework tips for kids

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Britain’s busiest mum shows how she manages to get her 21(!) children to do their homework…

  • Be patient with them – make sure to support them but always give them the time to try and figure it out themselves, rather than giving them the answers straight away.
  • Don’t stress about it – we find that the kids can often feel overwhelmed by their homework and whilst we push them to really think about it, if they’re finding it stressful they may need a new environment to re-focus. That’s why TalkTalk’s Wi-Fi Hub is perfect for us as it reaches all the corners of our house – meaning the kids can go off and de-stress in their rooms if they need to.
  • Give them the necessary tools – make sure they have the tools they need to do their homework efficiently. If they are going to use laptops, then make sure the Wi-Fi is strong enough that they can call work at the same time.
  • Timing is everything – choose a time every day to sit down and do homework – kids pay attention to their homework best after getting back from school (and after a snack). It also gives us a time to sit down together and chat.
  • Praise good work – make sure to praise them for everything they get right in their homework. To give them a sense of accomplishment, create a reward system like gold stars and give a treat when they get a certain amount. The treats disappear quickly in our house…

Sue Radford says: “It’s really important that we make time for each of the kids when it comes to homework, and with 11 of ours still in school, Noel and I have had plenty of practice. One of the biggest challenges we face is making sure the kids have the space to work and be productive. Now, thanks to TalkTalk fibre broadband and their unique Wi-Fi Hub, the signal reaches every corner of the house, meaning that I can support the younger kids in the kitchen, while the older ones can work from their bedrooms in peace and quiet.