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NHSPS Helps Disadvantaged Children Boost Reading and Writing Skills

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NHS Property Services (NHSPS) has recently launched an exciting volunteering opportunity to support children in disadvantaged areas with their reading and writing skills.

The initiative involves colleagues from across the business providing one-to-one tutoring through a tailored online course facilitated by Chapter One – a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to transform the lives of underprivileged children aged five to seven years old.

The programme has already seen eleven NHSPS staff sign up, with twenty sessions between ten colleagues and ten children. The initiative has been met with immediate shared success and enthusiasm, with every participant benefitting from the experience.

Once the course finishes, NHSPS colleagues can visit the school and meet the child they have been working with. This will allow them to see the tangible impact of tutoring on the youngster’s life and education.

Quoc Truong, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for NHSPS, said: “We are looking for colleagues to engage in more skills-based volunteering, and Chapter One is a great opportunity.”

He added, “The programme encourages our colleagues to use their skills and engage with children to benefit their reading and writing. It is also hugely supporting health inequalities and children from all backgrounds.”

Elizabeth Sweeney, Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator for NHSPS, highlighted the importance of the initiative, saying: “The NHS reported that 43 per cent of English adults can’t read well enough to understand basic health information, and we know that there is a significant reading gap between children from deprived areas compared with their peers.”

She added, “Chapter One works with schools in severely disadvantaged communities, and their mission is to create a world where all children have the literacy skills they need to thrive, not just in school, but in their future lives. We are excited to be a part of their journey and to play a small role in helping these children succeed.”

Alex Roberts, Principal Customer Engagement Manager for NHSPS, is one of the volunteers. He commented: “I can honestly say I’m enjoying the experience and that it’s the highlight of my week.”

Overall, NHSPS’ initiative is an excellent example of how organisations can actively support local communities.

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