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Jim Howick on money, games and horrible chefs

Jim Howick
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

We recently spoke with one of the cast of Channel 4’s Loaded.

If you haven’t watched Loaded yet, set aside some time and acquaint yourself with it. Because it’s a wickedly sharp and funny take on how we might act if we suddenly found ourselves loaded.

One of its stars, Jim Howick, tells us more…

Tell us about Loaded and your character in itJosh.

Loaded is a comedy-drama about four friends who invent a game app and sell it for £200m. It essentially deals with the fall out of their immediate fortune. Guilt, insecurity and all the trimmings! My character Josh is the moral compass of the group. The game was developed at his family home so he sees himself as the unnatural leader of the group. Unfortunately for the others he’s a neurotic grouch.

How does it feel to be back in comedy after playing such a horrific character in Broadchurch? 

It doesn’t feel any different to be honest. I really enjoyed getting to grips with a totally different role. To have the opportunity to push against type was wonderful — but, yes, he was an unpleasant chap.

Just on your stint in Horrible Histories, which character did you most enjoy playing?

I played so many characters on Horrible Histories that it’s impossible to answer. The main ones — George IV, Nero — were always fun to play but then it was also nice to play a nondescript character. Just a member of history with no historic significance. It gives you free rein with your choices.

Would Jim Howick be as conservative with his new wealth as Josh is? (I.e. not just buy a new pair of chafing jeans!) 

Yes, probably. I’d like to think I would be generous and charitable. I’d probably buy like an Audi or something? And a pair of REALLY nice jeans.

Do you think Josh’s girlfriend, Abi, was too proud for her own good? (She could’ve married a millionaire for heaven’s sake!) 

I think Abi deserves a medal for sticking with Josh as long as she did. I shared Josh’s love for Abi’s independence, her robustness. She’s such a great character and doesn’t want to be defined by Josh’s windfall. That’s totally fair enough.

Casey was a daunting boss. Have you had any bosses as nightmarish as her? 

I briefly worked in a kitchen a long time ago. The head chef was a total prick.

I love the retro gaming references in the show. Were you much of a gamer in your youth? 

One of the best Christmas presents I ever received was a Sega Mega Drive. My particular favourites were Road Rash 2, Street Fighter 2, Sensible Soccer and Mortal Kombat. Loved them. Now I don’t game so much. I have a PS4 but mainly play football games. Short, satisfying ten minute bursts!

Loaded is built on the idea of the ubiquitous smartphone in our lives. How long could you last without a smartphone? 

Not long at all, sadly. If I lost mine I wouldn’t try and embrace the silence — I’d order a new one straight away.

The gist of Loaded is that money doesn’t make you happy. Do you think it does or doesn’t?

It’s a difficult question to answer. Of course the most important things in life are free, like our families and friends. But then I have to pay to visit them! Petrol or a train ticket, etc. I think most people strive just to be comfortable in life. When you let greed stop you enjoying what’s already there, then that’s a problem.

Any hopes for a second series?

Many, but no definite answer yet. I really hope it goes again. I had a lovely time making it.

Finally, what are you plans in the near future 

I have lots of plans with old friends and new and I hope you’ll be watching!

(We most certainly will, Josh.)

Jim Howick stars in Loaded, out now on DVD