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Hunter Killer film review

Hunter Killer
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Submarines, explosions and Gerard Butler. What more could an action flick ask for?

Directed by Donovan Marsh (Avenged), Hunter Killer is based on Don Keith and George Wallace’s 2012 novel Firing Point.

The stakes are high when the Russian president is kidnapped by a mad rogue general intent on triggering a war. Joe Glass (Gerard Butler), commanding officer of submarine USS Arkansas teams with the U.S. Navy SEALs to prevent the disaster from happening.

Ideal film night treat

Who cares that the film version isn’t the most original and innovative of action-flicks when it guarantees you adventure and excitement? The claustrophobic nature of the film – it’s largely set inside a submarine – only increases the tension, while Butler’s performance is once again solid in his action-man role.

Alongside Butler, Gary Oldman, Common, Michael Nyqvist, Zane Holtz, Linda Cardellini, Toby Stephens and Caroline Goodall provide a strong supporting cast who easily turn this into the ideal weekend film night treat while the kids are in bed. So just shut off the outside world and enjoy two hours of explosive entertainment.

Hunter Killer is now available on digital download and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD from 25th February courtesy of Lionsgate UK.