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All You Need to Know About Roulette

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Roulette is a favourite table casino game among many punters for a reason.

The game is deceptively simple, but it is tricky to master. The more you study it, the more complex it becomes. That is why you need strategies and use only the trusted online casinos in the UK to play the game.

Seasoned roulette players appreciate that the game is more than just a ball bouncing around a wheel and tossing chips. They know there is a wrong way and the right way to approach roulette. You probably need to go through roulette rules for beginners to understand the game better if you are starting.

Do not just bet on everything; take your time to understand the game better, create some strategies and enjoy good moments at the casino.

Categorically, there is no proven strategy to help you win at roulette, but some steps will enhance your chances of winning. Below is an expert guide to roulette.

Why Roulette?

Selecting one game out of the thousands at an online casino is never easy. There are lots of variations you could choose from. However, there is a reason why many people love roulette. Here are a few reasons why you should look for roulette once you sign up at an online casino.

  • Easy to learn

Even though some people say it is deceitfully easy, roulette is interesting because you can learn to play it in a few minutes.

It is unlike other casino games that are too complex to comprehend. Research shows that a new player can learn to play roulette in just four minutes.

  • Variety of bet choices

Many people love roulette simply because it has a variety of interesting ways to bet and probably win some money. Punters can either pick odd or even or red or black and then hope for the best as the wheel spins.

If you are the adrenaline-seeker type, you can bet on different combinations of numbers or individual numbers.

However, winning is not guaranteed with these options, but the payouts could be huge. This flexibility makes this game a favourite among many punters. Roulette allows gamblers to take risks and win colossal amounts or small amounts.

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How to Play

Roulette is among the easiest games you will come across at an online casino. The roulette table entails a tiny white ball, a table with betting options, and a wheel. There will also be an electronic dealer. Every game is one round of betting where the dealer will first spin the center wheel and then drop the tiny ball to see where it stops.

Your objective is to predict where the white ball will land. After every spin, the game resets for a new round. Punters do not have to guess the exact number the white ball will land on to win. They can also state the characteristics of that number and win. For example, a player can guess the ball will land on an even number. If it lands on any even number, you win, whether 4, 22, 34, or 36.

The numbers on the center wheel are marked using alternating black and red colours. Gamblers can predict the colour outcome after the wheel spins. Here you deal with only the two colours and not numbers.

Before the dealer spins the wheel, players should predict their outcomes to stand a chance to win. You place your bet by placing chips in the designated area. For example, if you want to bet on black colour, place your chips on black. If you are predicting a given number, place the chips on that specific number.

Understand that different players will have different coloured chips. That is to track the bets of every player at the roulette table.

Types of Roulette Bets

As mentioned earlier, the main aim of roulette is to predict where the small ball will land after a spin. If the only bet were to predict the numbers alone, it would be boring because of the repetition. The good news is that designers created various betting options for punters to make the game versatile and more exciting. Here are different categories of bets:

  • Groups of numbers bets

This betting comes with other different options. Punters can bet on a given group instead of betting on one number alone. That could be a wide range, such as 19-36 or 1-18, or it could be picking several individual numbers.

Of course, the wider the range you choose, the less the payout. If you pick a tight range, the payout will be significant.

  • Individual Number Bets

It is the most basic bet where punters bet on a given number. You will only win if the ball lands on that number. The bet is quite risky, but the payout is appealing.

  • Characteristic Bets

If you are a beginner at roulette, then this is the bet to go for. Instead of betting on a specific number, you bet on their characteristics. That could be betting on the colour of the numbers or the oddness or evenness of these numbers. If your bet is on an even number and this is what rolls, you win.

Final Thoughts

Roulette is as simple as it looks, especially if you have the right information about the online casino game. Look for more information about roulette to understand it better and stand a chance to win. Try your luck now!

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