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The Most Popular Board Games for 2022

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Every year, thousands of new board games are released, but some board games just remain classic amongst players. 

While newcomers to the gaming world might find these a bit more challenging to get into, we think you’ll enjoy them for a number of additional reasons.

These are the games that get strong circulation at our game nights. Whether you’re looking for something that offers high-level tactics or narrative collaboration, or simply something that looks and feels lovely, you won’t be disappointed with any of these options.


Since the 17th century, patrons of casinos have been able to experience the glitz, mystique, and excitement of roulette. The game’s popularity can be attributed, in part, to the fact that its rules are not overly complicated and can be grasped with little effort.

Roulette, on the other hand, provides a surprising amount of depth for players who are serious about their betting. Not only can players enjoy this board game at game nights with friends and family, but they can now also enjoy live casino roulette online for more accessibility and comfort!


A clever combination of many types of board games led to the current dominance of one particular title in the board gaming industry. The 95-scenario adventure series has you covered if you enjoy traditional dungeon crawls combined with a compelling storyline.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, read on. Its clever, card-driven face-offs against an astounding range of enemies will excite you if you’re the type of person who gets a rush from engaging in tactical battle.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a heavyweight approach, then the deck-building and resource collection throughout the course of the campaign, in combination with the in-scenario depletion mechanic, will offer you enough meat.

Gloomhaven deserves the amazing level of recognition that it has received since it’s truly all aspects to all gamers, even aficionados of the best solo board games. Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion provides a shorter campaign with a significantly lower price tag for those who find the whole cost to be too high.


The time-honoured board game Monopoly is still a popular choice in 2022 and is ideal for those who take pleasure in taking on difficult tasks. Players compete against one another in the board game Monopoly to see who can amass the most fortune by purchasing, selling, and exchanging properties.

The game has the potential to last quite a while, making it ideal for players who are able to dedicate a significant amount of time to it. The board game Monopoly is fun for people of all ages to play together.

Those who are interested in playing traditional board games in an online setting also have a great alternative with this product. There are numerous variations of the board game Monopoly that can be found on the internet. In addition to that, you can even compete in Monopoly tournaments if you so choose.

Everyone of any age can have a good time playing Monopoly because it’s such a fun and interesting game. The board game Monopoly is an excellent option to go with if you’re searching for something that’s both tough and rewarding.

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