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Father of the bride? 5 tips on how to nail it

Father of the bride
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Being father of the bride can be daunting. Read our tips on how to make your daughter’s day extra special.

In the news is the story of a father of the bride who might miss his daughter’s wedding in Cyprus after Monarch Airlines entered administration.

We’re keeping fingers crossed the poor chap will get to see his daughter tie the knot. But in the meantime, here are five pieces of advice for any other father of the brides out there.

Prepare your father-of-the-bride speech in advance

Have a deserved tipple before your obligatory father-of-the-bride toast, but make sure your speech is well-prepared. Write notes using bullet points, in case that tipple has colander-ised your memory. And don’t mention your daughter wetting the bed as a child. Or any other mortifying moments.

Make a money plan

The icky issue of money will inevitably come up. If you’re helping your daughter out financially with the wedding, then lay it out exactly how much, as soon as possible. Then stick to it. (As much as a daddy can for the apple of his eye.)

Play the host

Even if you didn’t contribute financially to the wedding, try and thank all the guests who came and say goodbye to them when they leave. This will help your newly-hitched daughter to enjoy the wedding party without her feeling obliged to bid c to every single person.

Dance the night away

There’s a every chance that, for at least one song at the wedding reception, all eyes will be upon the father of the bride. Unless you possess Jagger’s swagger, look on YouTube for a few basic dance lessons. Failing that, be at one with Dad Dancing. It’s in your genes.

Just be there for your daughter

Ask your daughter if there are any little bits you can help with, anything. Does lunch been ordering for the bridal party yet? Are there any last-minute airport pickups to do? Has your daughter left anything at home that needs collecting? Use any spare time before the ceremony to help tie up any loose ends.