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How to throw a stress-free baby shower

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The experts at Stokke are on hand with a guide to organising a stress-free Scandi baby shower.

A baby shower is the perfect time to pamper any parents-to-be, an opportunity spend quality time with loved ones and also give gifts for baby in preparation for the little one’s arrival.

Baby announcement tiles

Take the Scandi approach

Stine Brogaard, Scandinavian Lifestyle Expert at premium Norwegian children’s brand, Stokke, says, “Organising a baby shower should be pure joy, but, as with any event planning, it can easily become stressful.

Our advice would be to take the lead from our northern European neighbours; after all, how often do you see a stressed out Scandinavian? Scandi culture is all about living life with balance and harmony, not too much and not too little, which can be applied to all areas of life.

Forget fussing over decorations or worrying about expensive venues and take things back to basics. A baby shower is a time for the parents-to-be to relax and enjoy quality time with loved ones before their little one’s arrival.”


Forget an expensive venue. Think about where will the parents-to-be most relaxed. Most likely this will be at a friend or family member’s house, if the weather is good, their garden. In truly Scandi style, keep decorations simple yet elegant.

Mason jars filled with wild flowers, tea lights and bunting are all inexpensive. These will also add some colour to the festivities. If you’re worried about having enough seating, ask people to bring chairs or blankets to lounge on.

Mason jar with flowers

Food and drink

Forego the alcohol – this day is all about mum-to-be, so cater to her needs above everyone else’s fancies. Instead enjoy a zesty lemon and mint water infusion. Or try mixing your own fruity mocktails.

Opt for simple, tasty finger food – fruit kebabs, veg crudités, home-made dips, wraps – alongside crunchy salads and sweet treats. Don’t be afraid to ask guests to help out by bringing a dish with them. Just remember to avoid raw or undercooked fish and meat, soft cheeses, raw or partially cooked eggs, pate, liver and game.

Make sure to find out if mum-to-be has any cravings – whether it be pistachio ice cream or marmite and peanut butter sandwiches – and remember to include plenty of this on the menu for all to enjoy.

Baby shower food


If you’ve ever been to a baby shower before you’ll know that the parents-to-be ends up with a large collection of clothes suitable only for newborns. Along with several fussy gadgets that parents simply won’t have the time or inclination to use.

Remember, it’s as much about the parents as the baby, so how about gifting some comfy pyjamas, a photo album or nice bath stuff?

Additionally, suggest clubbing together and pooling the money everyone would have spent on a gift, and instead buying a gift card so that the parents-to-be can choose exactly what they need. Simple!

Baby shower gift


Firstly, make sure to ask the parents-to-be if they want any games at their baby shower. Although they’ve become more popular in recent years, many people are happier without, so save yourself the hassle by checking first.

If games are a yes, think about what everyone will enjoy. Predicting the name, birth time, date, sex and weight with a prize for the (eventual) winner is a fun tradition.

Or why not get your hands dirty with some crafting, decorate baby-grows or paint baby crockery.

Rather than bringing cards, ask all the guests to write a message in a special baby shower book. This will be much more meaningful, as mother and child will be able to look back at the book and enjoy the messages together.