Man’s Best Friend

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The special bond between kids and their pets has been captured in a series of adorable photos commissioned by The Baby Show.

The heart-warming images feature an array of family pets including dogs, cats, lizards and turtles alongside their young owners, whose parents were asked why they chose to have a pet with their new baby.

Considering other people as well as themselves, teaching them how to share and love and exercise were among the reasons cited.

“It’s no surprise that such a high number of new parents have pets,” says Sarah Beeson, expert speaker at The Baby Show and author of Happy Baby, Happy Family. “We often practice our caring skills on our beloved animals before we embark on parenthood.”

The survey reveals that 60% of parents think it’s good for their children to interact with animals from a young age, and 83% think having a pet is beneficial for their child’s development.

“The experience of pet ownership shows us how to be loving and respectful, and can give children a little bit of supervised responsibility,” says Beeson.

To see the full range of images in the latest issue of FQ Magazine click here

The Baby Show returns to London Olympia from Friday October 21 to Sunday October 23 – watch this space for the chance to win tickets.