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Fitness and activity gifts for Father’s Day

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Don’t be without these top fitness and activity-inspired gifts this Father’s Day.

With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, now is the perfect time to casually leave this page open in front of your loves ones if they need a little ‘great gift’ inspiration…

SIXPAD’s Abs Fit 2

An innovative way for dads to tone up, improve muscular strength and build muscle. The product is hallmarked by over 40 years of research, with users achieving a 12 per cent improvement in abdominal muscle size after eight weeks alongside a balanced diet and exercise in a recent study (with an 8 per cent improvement seen after just four weeks).

It works by transmitting external electrical stimuli to the muscles in the body, causing them to contract and relax just as they would during exercise. Each device can now be paired up via Bluetooth to a SIXPAD training app on your phone, which allows users to visualise their muscle training from start to finish with the ability to increase and decrease their training settings.

£230 |

Dryrobe Ultimate Outdoor Change Robe

For dads that like to take a walk on the wild side, look no further than dryrobe as producers of the world’s most advanced change robe.

Born from surfing but now catering for a whole host of activities and pursuits, their products allow individuals to get active outdoors without ever feeling wet or cold, through a garment that’s shell is both windproof and waterproof with insulating fabrics at its core.

Through a two-way inner / outer zip mechanism and an overall loose fit, changing in and out of underlayers is made simple too. Even if you’re not the next Ross Edgley, a perfect gift for the outdoorsy dad that you’ll find yourself using all the time. Short sleeve and long sleeve styles are available.

From £120 |

Echelon Smart Connect EX3 Max Bike

US-based brand Echelon are pioneering considerable evolution in the connected fitness bike space with the launch of their brand new Echelon Smart Connect EX3 Max Bike. Fitness merged with technology, this might just be the ultimate gift for dads, coming in at a more affordable price as compared to other options available on the market. Alike its more accessible price tag, Echelon’s futuristic bike is more accessible and versatile than anything of its kind through an experience that is so much more than just a bike.

Live daily classes and an on-demand bank of over 3,500 on and off-bike workouts, refreshed daily, will provide dads (and I’m sure you as well really) a space friendly way to create your very own ultimate home fitness studio.

Fully integrated, speed, calories burned, heart rate and a whole host of other stats are delivered to your smart device as you race through scenic landscapes and ride with/against others (on a leaderboard if you must), 32 levels of resistance, trainers to suit your style and everything from Zumba, to kickboxing, to yoga contributing to provide the most versatile offering ever.

With the help of a growing community online, this is dad’s ticket to improving both physical & mental health, whilst having fun.

£1,238.99 |

Ei8ht Energy Drink

For Dads looking for a healthy dose of wellness that will double up to help them keep up with the kids whatever the fitness challenge, brand new patented consumer drinks product Ei8ht Energy is a must buy.

Developed by scientists at Oxford University and since independently tested with cyclists for efficacy at the University of Surrey, it is scientifically proven to increase the body’s ability to transport oxygen by as much as five per cent, for at least 80 minutes following ingestion.

Providing not only profound exercise benefits, but energy and immune function improvements through the incidence of vitamins B3 and B12 respectively, Ei8ht’s benefits are the culmination of the manipulation of completely natural ingredients.

Specifically, through over five years of research molecules have been created, capable of capturing, retaining and delivering oxygen, and vital vitamins, directly to the body. Host in a sachet, mixed with water it packs quite the punch, without a hefty price tag.

Discounted one month subscription currently available for £27.99 (28 sachets) |

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