Say cheese! Oral advice from oral experts

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here is some top advice from leading oral health experts to help you and your family keep the perfect smile.

  • We all know we’re meant to brush twice a day – but you really must if you want to help keep your teeth stain-free. Remember that yellowing teeth can add years onto your looks.
  • If you have sensitive teeth stay clear of peroxide and choose a non-abrasive toothpaste to whiten safely and effectively.
  • Brush your teeth as a family. Babies and toddlers learn by watching, so let them watch you brushing your teeth. Instil good practice and give their smile the best start. Also, if you’ve had your toothbrush since before Christmas – it’s time to get a new one. Swap your brush every two to three months as bacteria collects on the bristles and you will only transfer them back into your mouth.
  • Don’t rinse with water after you’ve finished brushing. By rinsing you are washing out valuable fluoride, which is what helps prevent tooth decay. (But of course feel free to spit out excess toothpaste.)
  • Try to avoid dehydration, as the less saliva produced, the lower your enamel protection, which is when your teeth can really stain. So staying hydrated is not only good for your skin and overall health, but your smile too.

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