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How to look good in a blazer

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Blazers are a must-have in every dad’s wardrobe. But where do you wear it, and what are the rules?

Against common belief, a blazer is not the same as a suit jacket. They’re somewhere on the scale between a sports jacket and a suit jacket, and as such are particularly versatile. They still look smashing and can add a professional touch to any outfit, but they avoid the formal stiffness of a suit.

Whether you want to go for a smart-casual outfit, want to up your every-day game, or merely enjoy the pleasure of wearing clothes which look more dapper than casual, there are many reasons to buy a blazer. We’ve sorted through the databases and come up with some of the handiest tips.

What to buy?

As with suits, you’ll find a huge variety of blazers out there. Standard double-breasted and the classic two-button are the easiest to combine with your outfit. Don’t buy it for a completely formal occasion – then you’ll want a proper suit.

Make sure the fit is perfect. An unfitting blazer – especially around the shoulders – is the one thing which sticks out like a sore thumb. Make sure it isn’t too loose or too tight. A blazer with patch pockets can look particularly flamboyant – beware if you don’t want to stand out too much.

In terms of colours, you can be much more creative than with suits. Patterned and single colour blazers both look great but do be careful to ensure it matches your overall appearance. Grey, beige and blue are safe, neutral colours and easily to match, but then you’ll probably want to add a touch of colour in there.

How to combine it?

Because you’re not constrained by the usual tie-shirt-matching-trousers-look of full suits, you can combine your blazer with almost anything. Of course, you can still wear it with a dress shirt and a tie. Do note that it’s difficult to find a pair of trousers that match your blazer perfectly, so it still doesn’t replace a full suit.

Wearing a cardigan or sweater beneath the blazer is a particularly good smart-casual look which also adds warmth and texture to your look, making it perfect for the cold autumn or winter months to come.

In summer, you can instead wear a polo with your blazer. This outfit looks sportier than the other options but still quite dapper, and perhaps a good option for your every-day look if you still want to look stylish and up-market.

In terms of trousers, you can still be creative. A pair of chinos look caring and stylish, as do a pair of good jeans. Again, be careful with the colours and be sure not to wear trousers that are too low-key and comfortable-looking.

In the end, all you can do is try your blazer in a variety of styles and pay attention to what works. Due to its versatility you’ll be able to pull off many a look with any given blazer – just be creative and come up with something new!