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Protein Snacks to Keep You Full

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If you’re looking for the perfect after school snack for parenting and lifestyle features, make sure to give The Protein Ball Co a try. 

If you’re little one is constantly asking for snacks when school’s out for the afternoon, you may be searching for healthier options that won’t leave them asking for more, and without the dreaded sugar crash just before dinnertime.

There are many reasons why kids will love The Protein Ball Co’s flavoured snacks, and parents are bound to be pleased with the nutritional values. With no artificial sweeteners or added sugar, the whole range is gluten free and packed with 100% natural ingredients, offering a delicious on-the-go snack for mid-afternoon. And what’s more, each pack is a great source of plant protein and fibre, which will keep tiny tummies going until dinner time. 

The brand has recently launched two new flavours that are very kid-friendly, with the indulgent Salted Caramel flavour and cake-inspired, Choc Chip Muffin flavour that won’t make them feel like they are missing out on their favourite sweet treats. The new Salted Caramel flavour is an indulgent blend of thick roasted nut butter, sweet dates, pink Himalayan salt, and a dusting of almond nibs for extra crunch. The Choc Chip Muffin flavour has rich cacao nibs, with velvety peanut butter and wholesome gluten-free oats.

There are six delicious hand-rolled balls per 45g pack, made with the finest possible vegan-friendly ingredients and with added vitamin B12, C and D3. You can discover the whole range and shop the flavours at and Amazon.

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