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5 of the best home coffee makers around today

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

A morning coffee is crucial for many parents, so here are five coffee makers for serving the perfect cup, every time.

With so many coffee makers out there that it’s enough to blow steam out of your ears, it can be hard to settle on the right one for you. Which is why we’ve selected a handful of current top coffee makers, across varying price points and capabilities, to help you make your choice.

Melitta Purista Series 300

£399.99 | Melitta Purista Series 300

This is designed with standard kitchens in mind and is one of the narrowest coffee makers available for domestic use. That is, you won’t have to worry about where to put some big hulking machine as it’s only 20 cm wide! It also boasts whisper quiet technology, so you won’t wake your family or neighbours with a nosy grinder in the morning. Perhaps its coolest feature is that it’s compatible with an app. Download the Melitta companion app on your phone to find tutorials, interesting coffee facts and different service features. Additionally, the Purista has five different grinder settings as well as the option to save your favourite coffee preferences to ensure you get a perfect cup of coffee every time.

£399.99 | melitta.co.uk

Andrew James Barista Espresso Coffee Maker

£45.99 | Andrew James Barista Espresso Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for a more affordable espresso maker that can still produce top quality espresso, then the Andrew James Barista Espresso Coffee Maker is the one for you. Premium espresso is crafted with easy-to-use technology and with two sized reusable filters, you can have the exact amount of espresso you’d like each time. It also contains a steam wand that allows you to steam or froth milk for lattes, flat whites or cappuccinos. A few helpful accessories included are the drip tray, cup warmer, tamper and measuring spoon. Note, though, that this coffee maker does not have a grinder – so make sure to always use ground coffee beans.

£45.99 | andrewjamesworldwide.com

Smeg ECFOICRUK Espresso Coffee Machine

£279 | Smeg ECFOICRUK Coffee Machine

This compact espresso machine is perfect for small kitchens. It comes equipped with a cup warmer, drip tray and steam wand, providing you with everything you need to make a delicious cup of coffee at home whenever you like. With smart technology and LED system, it allows you to choose the amount of water you’d like mixed in with the coffee. Additionally, its Thermoblock heating system keeps the hot water at an ideal temperature to preserve maximum flavour. But that’s not all – it also has a cappuccino system. With a touch of a button you can instantly create foamy delicious cappuccino. Plus, there are multiple cup settings to keep all the coffee drinkers in the house happy with their personal, favourite cup settings saved. Automatic shut-off and shut-off time options ensure no energy is wasted either and, with five different colour options, you can pick the perfect shade to complete your kitchen.

£279 | ao.com

Scott Gear Slimissimo Coffee Machine

This one is all about bean to cup with its patented brewing system. With a 19 bar pump pressure you can choose between espresso or lungo brews. The Scott Gear Slimissimo has a touch LED screen that illuminates several functions. Everything from letting you know when it’s time to refill the beans, empty the grounds container or add more water. ECO friendly system automatically shuts off the machine after a certain amount of time. You also have the choice of how bright you’d like the illuminating screen and cup illuminating light. An additional special feature of this coffee machine is its five adjustment grinder settings, so you can choose an exact strength of espresso brew. With a height adjustable coffee dispenser so you can always fit your favourite mug.

Scott Gear also offers the Milkissmo, a perfect addition to the coffee machine that adds even greater versatility. The milk frother froths and steams not only hot but cold milk, making it ideal for serving up iced mochas, lattes and tasty cappuccinos.

£349.99 | scott-gear.co.uk

Russell Hobbs Buckingham Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

£54.99 | Russell Hobbs Buckingham Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

This stainless-steel coffee maker is perfect for people who want an excellent cup of coffee every day without all the usual hassle involved in it. The advanced showerhead technology sprays water through the ground coffee evenly and quickly, which results in a higher extraction of flavour and more of the actual coffee grounds being dissolved. The Buckingham Stainless Steel Coffee Maker can serve up to 10 large cups. It also has a keep warm function so you and your family can drink your coffee whenever you’re ready. Plus, the auto-clean feature keeps your machine in top condition and it also includes a pause and pour feature and helpful water level indicator.

£54.99 | uk.russellhobbs.com