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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Chessington knows there’s nothing worse than being caught in gridlock when you’re trying to do something fun. Especially not when it’s pram gridlock.

Any parent who’s decided to venture out with the kids, only to find themselves awash in a sea of buggies knows  ‘Pram Jam’ pain. It’s that ‘great minds think alike’ moment when you and 100 other original parents all decide to take your infant out to the same place. What follows is a swerving, reversing and manoeuvring adventure that would rival the hardest challenge on the Krypton Factor.

With this in mind Chessington has come up with a great way to stop this summer’s influx of family days out causing total gridlock at their World of Adventures: Buggy Lanes.


Chessington World of orderly fun

No one wants their day out with the kids to turn into an awkward game of chicken with another family. And with Chessington’s forward thinking, it won’t have to be.

 To help parents with prams navigate the resort without having to dodge other families, Chessington World of Adventures have introduced the first ever Buggy Lane. Hopefully, averting the first recorded case of pram rage in an adventure park.

Buggy Lane

The unique 100 metre lane starts leads from Wild Wood to The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure, the Resort’s most popular toddler ride. The idea behind the innovation is to reduce ‘pram jams’ during peak times and make everyone’s day out more pleasant.

Busy times

Understandably, places like Chessington get busy over the summer period. More so now The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure has been introduced. The ride is proving popular with the toddlers and as a result the buggies have started flooding in.

Sasha Kingsley, Buggy Lane Supervisor at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, said “We want visitors to have an unforgettable experience when they visit us at Chessington, and hope the introduction of our Buggy Lane will mean an even better trip for families. “

Let’s hope people stick to their own lanes.