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Cybex releases their first-ever e-stroller

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Last month saw the introduction of e–PRIAM, an electric stroller that makes parental life even more enjoyable.

Premium parenting brand Cybex has introduced a revolutionary e-stroller designed to make parental life more enjoyable and a lot more effortless.

The e-PRIAM stroller – basically an electric version of Cybex’s excellent Priam stroller – combines smart features that allows parents to travel more, carry more and fit more into their busy schedules.

Cybex e-PRIAM stroller

The the stroller features sensors in the handlebar to monitor pushing and pulling pressure while a clever algorithm guides motors integrated in the frame to add support when required giving parents a helping hand when they need it most.

Three key features include:

Smart uphill support

When parents travel uphill the handlebar sensors detect pushing pressure, the motor adds support accordingly. This is done in a smooth way so that parents feel as though they are strolling on a level road.

Smart downhill support

When travelling down a slope, pulling pressure on the handlebar is detected by the sensors, and support is added to slow the pushchair down.

Smart uneven surface support

This function adds support when parents travel over rough ground such as cobblestones, sand, muddy fields, snow, or gravel. Pushing the stroller over these surfaces feels like strolling on a smooth sidewalk. Parents can choose when to use the assistance by pushing a power button on the rear axle.

With its 4-in-1 Travel System, the CYBEX e-PRIAM frame can be used with the LUX Carry Cot, an infant car seat or a LITE Cot. A variety of frame colours and seat packs can be used providing parents with a variety of fashionable collections and colours.

The CYBEX e-PRIAM is battery-powered with a range of between approximately 8-45km depending on load and conditions. It can be charged within six hours via a power socket and an indicator in the rear axle helpfully shows how much power is remaining.

The CYBEX e-PRIAM is available in selected independent shops, RRP from £1,199.90.