Determined dad creates award-winning baby wipes

Aqua Wipes
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

They say that behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad…

After seeing his young daughter struggling with eczema at a young age, Dr Mark Little from Yorkshire, took matters into his own hands and created a new product that wouldn’t irritate delicate skin, whilst also being kind to our environment.

Dr Mark Little’s daughter was very young when she began having problems with eczema. After ruling out numerous different products and reviewing the packaging of various baby wipes he realised that many wipes – deemed suitable for babies – contained up to 15 different chemicals and noted most of the wipes were also highly perfumed. With environmental issues also front of mind, he observed that the majority of baby wipes were not environmentally friendly, with most fabrics comprising of around 80 per cent plastic, which has a highly negative effect on the world around us.

Plastic free

Dr Mark Little commented: “I wanted to create a baby wipe that was both natural and eco-friendly; kind to skin and caring to the environment; something which was suitable for newborns. A baby wipe that was different and which could make a difference! After a long time in development, we achieved our goal, producing a revolutionary naturally pure waterwipe which is biodegradable in just 15-days, contains 99.6 per cent purified water and is plastic free!

“By using a high level of purified water, we knew we could minimise the amount of cleansing ingredients used every day on a baby’s skin, which in turn would reduce the chance of irritation and allergies. The preservative we use in Aqua Wipes is a Food Grade preservative, approved for use in foods, as well as cosmetics.”

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