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Bugaboo announces Fox2 and Donkey3 strollers

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Today, Bugaboo announced the launch of its two latest pushchairs…

The Bugaboo Fox2, the premium parenting brand’s most advanced comfort pushchair, and the Bugaboo Donkey3, the ultimate flexible solution for growing families, are both on sale from next month. 

The new editions are improved evolutions of the existing, much-loved products from Bugaboo, as it maintains its long held position as industry leader when it comes to the design, engineering and innovation of its pushchairs.

What’s new on both strollers: 

  • Improved aesthetics for a more sleek look on hardware and fabrics.
  • Updated sun canopy with peek-a-boo and breezy panel, providing peace of mind and extra ventilation.
  • Upgrade to the carrycot with two extra pockets to provide additional storage.
  • New, lighter wheel designs.
  • New handlebar grips and wheel caps.

In addition to the new products, Bugaboo has reduced its packaging, ensuring all pushchairs arrive in just one box. This is a new initiative put in place by the company as it progresses its mission towards a more sustainable future.

Aernout Dijkstra-Hellinga, Bugaboo’s Senior Product Developer said: “Parents are becoming more and more aware of the environment and want to make better choices. The Bugaboo Fox2 and Donkey3 answer that need because they are designed to stand the test of time.

“Creating products that remain the most comfortable, innovative and lightweight on the market, comes down to a combination of clever engineering and design. The Bugaboo Fox2 and Donkey3 are instantly recognisable, yet offer new, unexpected possibilities.”

Bugaboo Fox2

The Bugaboo Fox2 is the perfect drive with power steering. Combining 20 years of Bugaboo innovation and technology, it’s the most advanced comfort pushchair on the market. The newest model is packed with performance features like all-terrain suspension and ultra-lightweight design for easy, one-handed pushing. 

With the Bugaboo Fox2, folding has never been so simple thanks to a more intuitive functioning button. Bugaboo has also upgraded the design aesthetics for an even more premium look, and introduces the largest peek-a-boo panels on the market, allowing parents to see their children while they stroll, while adapting to provide additional ventilation.

Children ride safely in an ergonomic carrycot or seat, made with premium fabrics and reinforced stitching in updated colors. In every detail, the Bugaboo Fox2 is engineered for ease, giving parents the confidence to live their lives to the full, and kids the comfort to enjoy it all.

Bugaboo Donkey3

The Bugaboo Donkey3 is the ultimate flexible solution. Bugaboo has made it easier than ever to convert the pushchair from Mono to Duo setting, and has included all the features that parents of two need for the smoothest ride. 

The newest Bugaboo Donkey model is still smaller than you think, fitting neatly through standard doorways, but is now even lighter thanks to the updated wheel design. Easy manoeuvrability is key for a fully loaded pushchair, and the Bugaboo Donkey3’s front swivel wheels, tight turn radius, and fully adjustable handlebar make one-handed pushing a breeze. As families grow, the pushchair converts easily, positioning the children next to, and facing one another. This set-up offers more than just great drivability; both kids travel in equal comfort, and enjoy the ride side by side, together.

The Bugaboo Fox2 and Donkey3 will be available on 1st April in stores and online, starting from £979 and £1,039 respectively from bugaboo.com.

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