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The Gro-hush

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The next ‘must-have’ baby product from the Gro Company and the first of its kind, the Gro-Hush is a white noise calmer designed specifically to soothe and appease your baby.

First Impressions

Anyone who has ever listened to white noise for its soothing qualities will know that it’s an effective way to relax or fall asleep. Whilst you may have some scepticism about it working for your baby, the Gro-Hush actually works by replicating an action which takes place in the womb – a noisy environment.

White noise is therefore a great way to soothe babies, as it allows them to re-engage with a familiar atmosphere, and has consistently been proven to help pacify babies, triggering their calming reflex.

The only calming device currently on the market, it’s advised you use the Gro-Hush from birth as a part of a calming routine that also includes feeding, rocking and swaddling.


The Gro-Hush plays a series of different noises, including ‘Ocean Waves’, ‘Rain’ or ‘Heartbeat’ to help soothe your baby. Babies react to specific sounds, so this is ideal as it allows you to choose the one your baby finds most comforting.

For instance, ‘Heartbeat’ is a reassuring noise whilst ‘Rain’ can help keep them focused, as it’s higher pitched. This is great a way for parents to calm their little one down in a stressful situation – particularly when you need something fairly instant. It’s also a perfect device for relaxing your baby for bed and helping them get to sleep, something that is often a tricky task for new parents.

In terms of flexibility, you do have the option to place the Gro-Hush on your baby’s ear so that only they can hear it. We found this extremely practical, as it means you can use it when you’re out and about, or travelling.

The volume is set to a safe and sound level of 75 decibels (as stated by the Children Hearing Institute in New York) that cannot be changed, ensuring your baby’s ear protection and it automatically switches off after 10 minutes.

Huge positives are its small size, which leaves you free to multitask and the washable cushion cover, meaning it can be cleaned quickly and easily – something that’s always near the top of parents’ wish-lists when buying products.

The Gro-Hush also comes with a high-quality protective travel case, so parents can put in their changing bag without having to worry about it potentially breaking.

FQ Verdict

The Gro Hush is a simple but intelligent device to help soothe your baby, which definitely makes you question why there hasn’t been something like this on the market before.