Child Safety Product Reviews

Britax King II ATS

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Britax King II ATS offers innovative security and safety-monitoring to ensure peace of mind for parents and protection for your baby.

First Impressions

The extent to which Britax have harmonised technology and safety in the King II ATS is quite impressive. The seat carries a fairly minimal look and is surprisingly lightweight considering the intelligent design, which is great for dads who don’t want more things to lug to and from the car!

The array of features on the King II ATS are what make it stand out from the other car seats on the market; the sound indicator, green light and responsive harness give this seat an intuitive and optimal level of safety and comfort.

Looks-wise, the simple and tasteful colour schemes ensure that the seat will suit your car’s interior and the size is surprisingly compact, so it won’t take up the much needed room on school runs.


The King II’s patented tensioning system allows for easy installation without any fiddling around, which means you can simply buckle in and get to where you need to be. A green light and sound indicator will reassure you that your baby is properly harnessed, secure and comfortable for the journey.

The sophisticated checking system also ensures that your baby gets the protection and comfort they need – a long car journey can soon become an unpleasant experience when the straps slip and chafe.

As toddlers commonly wriggle around in their chair or loosen their straps trying to reach the toy they threw, this seat offers a handy and innovative Active Tensioning System (ATS).

The ATS will automatically adjust and retract the slack in the harness to keep your baby secure. If the harness comes undone or is altered from the position you set and the automatic retraction system is at the end of its working range, a clever warning system alerts you. The alert sounds and a red warning light flashes, prompting you to check the harness when you can safely.

The ATS is fitted with softly padded side wings, adjustable headrest and the harness is easy to tweak with single-handed adjustment, so no more faffing around with shopping bags held in your teeth.

The adjustable harness also lets the seat accommodate your little one as they grow – a hugely practical feature – and this is definitely a product you will use for the long run.

FQ Verdict

The King II ATS offers a special level of automated-comfort and safety. Lightweight, simple to use and install, its advanced features will mean peace of mind when driving with your little one.