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Snoring is a pain. Reduce it now with these 6 tips

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Ignorance is bliss. That is until you receive a thwack in the arm at 3:30am from your partner because your snoring is insufferable.

Snoring can have damaging effects on your relationship. But we’re here to help with six tips on how to stop snoring and bring night-time peace to your relationship:

Avoid alcohol before bedtime

Alcohol increases the relaxation of both the throat muscles and tongue. This narrows your air passages and restricts breathing — all a recipe for a long night of snoring. So, sadly, lay of the nightcap.

Sleep on your side, not your back

If you naturally lie on your back, try the following trick. Sew a tennis ball on to the back whatever top you sleep in. The ball creates an uncomfortable feeling when you roll onto your back, keeping you on your side. Ace.

Quit smoking (or try and cut down)

The mortal perils of long-term smoking is well documented. And according to the NHS, smoking irritates the lining of your nose and throat. This causes swelling and catarrh, meaning airflow is decreased and you’re more likely to snore.

Keep your nasal passages clear

There are lots of over-the-counter nasal sprays out there to help you. These are all designed to help clear your nose and stop those nasty snores. Trek down to your chemist and try different ones out to see which works best for you.

Exercise and lose weight  

Having an extra few pounds or having a large neck circumference (more than 16 inches) increases the risk of fat pushing down on the throat. This will only increase the chance of snoring. Losing weight through a mixture of healthy diet and exercise can significantly reduce snoring.

Hum the national anthem

Stick out your tongue and move it up and down, then left to right. Then hum the national anthem at the same time. This will help increase the blood flow, which is only a good thing if you’re a bad snorer.