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Dad bloggers trending this week

Written by Alexis De Leaver

Dad bloggers are buzzing around the social media scene. Here are some of the buzziest stories this week.

Nigel the DIY Daddy celebrates wife running the London Marathon…

Runners from around the globe came together to flood the streets of London this past week for the annual marathon. Runners of all walks of life banded together to complete this 26-mile race.

Instagram parent duo promote awareness for Cystic Fibrosis…

May marks cystic fibrosis awareness month and this mummy of three is the first woman in the UK to have cystic fibrosis and deliver triplets. They are using their platform to educate the world around this disease and finding it’s cure. Follow them on Instagram @mummy2triplets and @daddy2triplets.

This dad who is trumping gender stereotypes…

Who says boys can’t play with dolls? A lot of people, actually. Just as with girls, boys can also learn different skills by playing with dolls. In this action they learn empathy, how to care for children and how to work in a family team.

This dad who took a logical approach to breaking down his day…

Parents can certainly relate to this graph. With little ones running around it can certainly feel like your day is split into a million tiny pieces.

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