Harry Potter Books – Why I hate them

Harry Potter books
Written by alice fiancet

Harry Potter books have always been prevalent in society, everyone was (and is) reading them, but not me.

The first Potter film was brought out in 2001, when I was six years old. My mum and stepdad thought this was the perfect movie to take me too – it was not. The Centaur came on screen and I began bawling my eyes out, so much so we had to leave the cinema. This started my hatred for ALL Harry Potter books.

Anytime I mention the fact that I haven’t watched any of the films or read a single one of the books, I am met with a look of disdain like you would not believe. It’s almost as if I have said I don’t eat food and only drink water all day. Like I am refusing to conform to society. But let’s be honest, they aren’t all that.

You’re probably all wondering what’s wrong with me so here’s why I hate the Harry Potter books.

Wizards don’t exist
Okay I know it’s a fantasy but let’s be honest, making potions and casting spells isn’t even close to being realistic. And hats that tell you which ‘house’ you belong to? Seriously.. How can a hat tell you what kind of person you are?

Three-headed dog
This is just traumatising in itself. Show any child a dog that has more than one head they are going to scream. This is what my reaction was when ‘fluffy’ came on the screen. I mean the irony of the name is just too much for me too.

Don’t believe the hype
This is my biggest issue with Harry Potter books and the franchise as a whole. The way I feel about Harry Potter and his bunch of wizard friends is the same way I feel about Hunger Games. I don’t watch or read anything that people hype over. Not for me.

Harry Potter World
Okay, I know it’s a great tourist attraction and everyone wants to drink the well-known ‘butter beer’ but seriously, why pay to go and pretend to be in a pretend fantasy film. This makes no sense to me. Also, why spend money on a stick which is supposed to be a magic wand.. Take your kid to the park and pick up a stick, it’s the same thing.

I know I’m probably the only person who thinks of Harry Potter books and films as something of a waste of time but I’m sure you will agree with me somewhere.

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