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Written by Andrea Oldereide

Find out what’s happening in the land of dad blogging with our new weekly round-up.

Here are eight posts from dad bloggers you might have missed this week.

Nigel the DIY Daddy tried his new mouth expander…


“Well maybe not looking my best?? but the mouth expander is doing wonders for my laughters lines ?? I’m loving the John Lennon specs.
This is definitely an improvement on my usual look tired, knackered, exhausted, drained. Oh those are all synonymous with having kids ?? “

Tom Briggs, AKA Diary of the Dad tweeted an update about fatherhood…

Dave, the DADventurer put an end to stereotypes with this Instagram post…


“The little lad has taken a shine to playing with dolls. I’m really worried it means that he might grow up to be…a caring and loving dad.”

Karl Young who runs The Yorkshire Dad blog tweeted this dad joke…

Matt Farquharson, or Papa Pukka, shared with us how hungry he was…


Simon, also known as Father Of Daughters had some things to say about parenting with twins…


“There are times that my children are so unresponse to my commands that particularly lethargic sloths would call them slow. It’s at these moments (usually when we’re trying to nail a mudane activity like getting dressed or going to bed) I find myself concocting a one off game to stir them from their dormant state (like this double horsey ride I do to the sound of black beauty every freaking morning to get the twins somewhere near clothes), only to find i executed it so well that I immediately regret it as I know this will now become ingrained in my repertoire & demanded of me again & again. I just hope I don’t I end up like a comedian who had one joke they were famous for & dined out on for a while, but then were forced to repeat said joke from the rest of their miserable lives until the day they were found slumped in their dressing room with a note that simply said “I am more than an a one trick pony!” What have you started but now can’t stop for fear destroying the routine?”

Gregory Stanton, the London Dad made us emotional with this caption…


“I love being a dad, it’s been the making of me. If the pre?baby Greg was to meet me now I wouldn’t even recognize myself. ?
Parenthood is so often portrayed as a bunch of negatives, difficult, tiring, irrational and expensive, it is all of those things and more but I think it’s more important to focus on the positives.
For me parenthood is rewarding, fun, happy, loud in the right way and it makes us richer, not from the money but from the emotional happiness that we accrue from being parents. ☺️
So I say let’s embrace the shit parts because there is no sweet without sour.”

Finally, Jamie Day, who runs the A Day In The Life Dad blog posted about his fitness journey…


A quote from his article: “2019 could have been another year in my life where I used excuses like being a busy parent to fuel my #gymhibitions, but I’m pleased to report that a quarter of the way through the year, 2019 won’t be anything like that. I’m determined to continue on this healthier pathway.”

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