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Father’s Day gifts for the foodie dad

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

For fathers who enjoy cooking up some magic in the kitchen, we’ve got just the gifts for you.

Maybe you’re a genius in the kitchen or perhaps you just love good food. Either way, check out these six Father’s Day culinary-inspired ideas.

Microplane Premium Classic Zester

Microplane Premium Classic Zester, £19.95

A zester is an essential kitchen tool. But you don’t want to waste time battling with an old, shoddy zester that just won’t do the trick anymore. With Microplane’s Premium Classic Zester, you can zest with ease. The stainless steel “teeth” in this zester can easily cut without any excess tearing or shredding. Dads will shave time off cooking as it can be used for grafting everything from nutmeg, ginger, garlic, citrus fruits and even cheese. Another great perk about this tool is that it’s dishwasher safe.


Tracklements Perfect Pickles gift box

Tracklements Perfect Pickles gift box, £8.60

Pickles are the perfect accessory to burgers, sandwiches or just a snack on the side. With Tracklements Perfect Pickles gift box dads will have their tastiest treat yet. This set includes one Perfect Ploughman’s Pickle which has the right amount of sweet tang paired with the toothsome crunch pickle lovers crave. Paired with this, is the more traditional Particularly British Piccallilli. This mustard pickle packs quite a punch of sharpness and crunch and is great with cheddar, cold meats and crusty pork pies.

£8.60 |

Vaya Tyffyn lunch box

Vaya Tyffyn lunch box, £48-£55

Packing lunch is a great way for dads to save a little extra money. This tiered lunch box comes in sizes from 600ml to 1000ml to fit meals of any sizes. Each lunch box can be used to prep and store two or three course meals and can keep these meals hot for up to seven hours. Choose from an array of colours to find the perfect match for dad.

£48-£55 |

Vaya Drynk Tumbler

Vaya Drynk Tumbler, £30-£36

Almost as helpful as packing a lunch is having a to-go thermos. Help dad save even more money by bringing his own tea or coffee to work everyday. Choose from a 350ml or 600ml and eight different colours. This tumbler can keep liquids cold for up to 18 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Along with keeping your beverages the perfect temperature, it also has two lids so you can either sip or gulp your favourite drink.

£30-36 |

Twenty-Seven BBQ King tool kit

Twenty-seven BBQ Tool kit, £45

This personlised barbecue tool kit is the perfect gift for dads who are all about grilling. Crafted by Twenty-Seven, this kit includes three grilling tools along with an apron. With a personalisation option on all items, you can add the perfect Father’s Day message.


Kracken Limited Edition Black Spiced Rum

Kracken Limited Edition Black Spiced Rum, £35.99

This limited-edition rum will be an excellent addition to any collection. Imported from the Caribbean and blended with secret spices you can be sure to get a hint of island taste in this edition. Named after the ocean-dwelling beast, the Kracken is a bold, smooth and rich rum. Pair this beverage with ginger beer and a squeeze of fresh lime or use as an ingredient on its own.

£35.99 |