Being Dad New Dad

The app that’s helping dads across the UK

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Dad AF is an app that’s created by dads for dads – and here’s why you need to download it right now.

There is an epidemic taking over the UK. It’s affecting at least 78 per cent of the dad population. But what is the epidemic you might ask?

It’s a lack of support. Fathers in general feel as though there is a lack of support and information for dads in comparison to mothers. At least 47 per cent of fathers feel their role isn’t supported in society and nearly three out five dads feel emotionally unsupported when they became fathers. Perhaps the most shocking statistic is that around 10 per cent of father’s suffer from postnatal depression.

Although there are more and more dad support groups, and even football teams supporting these dads, there is still a shortage of support for fathers.

Supporting the ‘Dad Gap’ crisis

Lee Downes and his team of dads created the Dad AF app as the ultimate platform for dads to refer to, right at their fingertips.

The app was created to support and empower fathers, to support ones who felt as if they had no voice and weren’t supported. Also, for new fathers who feel unprepared, fathers with teenagers or just dads who are feeling a little overwhelmed there is a place for them on this app. Dad AF is an online platform where fathers can come together and support one another.

At our very core, our purpose is to empower dads to be the best version of themselves. We want to give dads the environment, resources, and tools to be the best dads they can be.

Lee Downes, DAD AF founder.

Dads can find everything they need on this app. There is no shortage of knowledge, advice, tips and tools, even shopping deals for dads. It’s completely free as well, making it accessible to every dad.

You can find out more information on the app on Dad AF.