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Top 4 potty training myths busted

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Find out what’s true and not so true in the world of potty training with the help of a child behavioural expert.

We caught up with potty training guru and child behavioural expert Amanda Jenner who told us about four common potty training myths.

Boys are harder than girls

I have trained huge amounts of boys and girls and have never found there is any difference at all. The only difference is if training a little boy and the parents insist on him standing up on the offset of training, this can lead to a few more accidents as they have more to think of than just sitting down. 

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Potty training is just for the summer

When your toddler is showing signs that they are ready, then you have to begin otherwise you may miss your window. So if they are ready in the winter you can’t tell them to wait until it’s warmer, this will only make things more difficult. 

Your toddler should be fully trained by two

Some toddlers will show signs of readiness before others, and that is okay. Never compare children or feel under pressure to start training until you as a parent feel they are ready. Forcing your child before they are ready will only delay the process and make it much harder.

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Once you start training, there is no going back

If you have started training and have been doing so for a few weeks and your toddler is becoming stressed and having lots of accidents, this is signs they are simply not ready. Have a break for a few weeks and start a fresh. There is nothing wrong with this.

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