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Top first-time parenting mistakes

Parenting errors
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

If you’re a new parent, there are many things to learn. We’ve compiled the top parenting errors to avoid.

After the initial hype of becoming a parent, it’s obvious that you might feel overwhelmed by the number of things you have to change to put your baby first. With that being said, there are a number of common first-time parenting mistakes that you might find yourself struggling with. We’ve compiled a list to help you not to fall for them before you even start.

Cutting your baby’s fingernails with a clipper

Babies have incredibly thin and sharp fingernails which easily break, and they’re born with long ones which need to be cut immediately. But be careful when using a nail clipper – their bone structures aren’t fully developed yet, so you might accidentally clip your baby’s finger! Instead, consider using a soft nail file or chew them off – and always pay close attention.

Buying too much stuff

Yes, we get it: you’re excited and want to be well-prepared, so you end up buying tons of new things. And your family and friends will probably also give you a number of items. But don’t underestimate how quickly babies grow or the differences in sizes – some babies are born into two-month-old sizes, others are particularly slow, and some grow incredibly fast. Rather save your money at first and wait to watch your child’s development.

Not sleeping when your baby is asleep

While it might seem counterintuitive at first, it’s important not to stay up too late after you’ve put your little one to bed. This common parenting mistake springs from the assumption that it’s the best time to catch up with other duties – but the result is often a very tired parent. Babies sleep irregularly, and if you waste their sleeping time with things other than sleeping, you might end up not getting any sleep yourself.

Reacting inappropriately to cries

In many cases when your baby cries, it means they’re tired or hungry. Sometimes, however, it might mean something worse – a disease, an insect bite, something else altogether. Then there are times when they’re just crying because they’re angry. With time, most parents learn to differentiate between the different types of cries that happen and react accordingly. For new parents, it’s important not to assume that it’s always just about food or sleep.

Trying to keep the house too tidy

It might seem like a pity. But trying too hard to keep the house in mint condition when you have a baby will undoubtedly turn into a Sisyphean task. While this isn’t an excuse to neglect absolutely everything, it does mean that you should cut yourself some slack. With the constant cooking, washing and cleaning, it’s practically impossible to keep everything perfect. As long as your baby is clean and happy, you’re probably doing alright.

If you pay attention to these common parenting mistakes, you’ll become an expert parent in no time at all! Just make sure you don’t stress out or get too nervous, and instead approach everything as calmly as possible.