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How customer feedback helps keep you moving online

Customer Feedback
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Learn how review sites and customer feedback can help improve businesses and in turn you.

It has never been more important to know who to trust online. Whether you surf the web from your mobile phone to find apps and use digital services, or whether you play, shop and browse in between work and home, looking out for yourself and others is crucial to keeping personal information safe. You need to know who to trust and review sites and other customers’ feedback can play a huge role in that.

It all comes down to ‘user experience’

Online businesses measure the effectiveness and trustworthiness of their service to customers with ‘user experience’. With consent, websites or apps gather statistics about the users by following their activity and learning about how they interact. They can then make changes to their service that will improve the overall experience of you – the customer.

Have you ever been asked to leave someone a review? This is one of the most common user experience tools, as it allows you to give direct feedback and a rating, which is very useful for the business to know. Other examples of how businesses check on your experience are opinion polls and surveys. These can seem annoying at first, but they are simply used to gather information about how you used the website or app and what improvements you think would help other users.

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How does this help me?

Think of it as offering them some friendly advice. All businesses are keen to know what you thought of their service and will respect your opinion. But think about it in reverse: the main reason to leave your feedback is to spread the word about a secure, reliable and trustworthy vendor. When parting with money, everyone wants to know that they are doing so safely and will appreciate knowing about your experience, just as you would appreciate theirs. Your comment to make an improvement to the service for the next customer and, if you’re a regular user of the site, you even may notice changes inspired by your feedback.

The review sites

The rewards for leaving reviews can also be tangible. Some businesses listed on TripAdvisor will be so keen for you to leave a review, they may offer a free treat as an incentive, such as a coffee or a snack. This is because leaving a review can boost their ranking on the website, and your comments might convince other customers to choose them.

One example of this is Mr Green Casino, who provide a full online gambling experience from sports and slot games to online and live casino features. With so many online services, it is important that they monitor customer activity across the board and respond to feedback quickly. Through the reputable TrustPilot ranking service, they can quickly see which parts of their service are appreciated and which may need improvement. 

Measuring user experience helps businesses continue to provide a service that is trustworthy and reliable, but it also helps users know who to trust and where to spend their time or money. Feedback on review sites is a huge part of that. Leaving a review only takes a few minutes, but your impressions will always be appreciated – both by the business and by your fellow online customers.

Main picture source: Pixabay.