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Top Harry Potter locations in London

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Are your kids into Harry Potter? Of course. Then make their day by visiting these London locations.

Children growing up in the 21st century are more likely to be fans of the Harry Potter franchise than not. And why wouldn’t they? The books are wonderfully imaginative, exciting and fun, and they’ve inspired thousands of kids to read in the past two decades. Chances are yours are not the exception.

If you live in London, or go there for a visit, your children will go through the roof with excitement at the prospect of visiting some of the locations they’ve read about in the books or seen in the films. We’ve compiled a list with some of the best locations to visit for Harry Potter fans.

Leadenhall Market

Especially if you have younger children, they’ll probably be more familiar with the earlier films. In that case, be sure to visit Leadenhall Market – which provided the backdrop for many of Diagon Alley’s locations, in particular the Leaky Cauldron.

Scotland Place

Want to spy on wizards while they enter the Ministry of Magic? Then go to the intersection of Scotland Place and New Scotland Yard, the location where Harry and Mr Weasley enter the ministry by means of a telephone box. Sadly the box isn’t there, but your kids will nevertheless be excited.

Australia House

Want to visit the famous Gringotts Bank? Then go to Australia House – the actual building that was used for Gringotts right on the strand. Since it’s an embassy you can’t go inside, unfortunately, but it’s uncanny how recognisable this building still is behind the magical props of the films.

King’s Cross Station

Possibly one of the most recognisable locations, King’s Cross station is where Harry must pass through platform 9 ¾ to board the Hogwarts Express. While the platform isn’t real, they have built a fake entrance with a trolley sticking half-way through the wall and the possibility of having a photo taken.

London Zoo – Reptile House

Visiting a zoo is a great activity for kids, whether Harry Potter-related or not. But the reptile house in the London Zoo is the actual one they used in the film. That’s the one where Harry Potter sets a Burmese python free and locks his cousin in the cage.

London is an exciting place to be, especially if you’re a Potterhead. Why not combine all these locations together for an exciting day out?