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Homeworking: The Ultimate Guide book review

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Chris McGuire’s insightful guide to working from home couldn’t be more relevant if it tried.

I’m sure when Chris, aka The Out of Depth Dad blogger, was writing his excellent second book (read our review of his debut here), he couldn’t have imagined how immensely pertinent something like it would become once published.

With masses of the population now self-isolating and having to earn their usual living from home due to the coronavirus outbreak, Homeworking: The Ultimate Guide slays at least five working-from-home myths while providing an even larger slew of antidotal hacks to help you make the most out of your domiciliary, working day.

Survival bible

For example, homeworkers aren’t on a ‘permanent holiday’ and despite the fact, “Working in PJs sounds like fun: a glamourous idea of lounging around in silk, like a latter-day Brigitte Bardot,” McGuire advises that a homeworker, “prepares for the day at home in the same way they would for a commute to a traditional office.” Basically, get dressed.

Spencer Wilson, who worked with McGuire on his first book, once again comes up trumps with his humorous illustrations emphasised against bold-coloured backgrounds.

Who knows when we’ll emerge out of the other end of this societal abeyance. But for now, for the millions of people adjusting to working at home, McGuire offers a survival bible that needs to be read.

Homeworking: The Ultimate Guide (Ice House Books) is available now in hardback from, RRP £6.99.

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