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3 movies featuring compelling father figures to watch now

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here are three great movies with different father figures in diverse family types that are worth seeing.

Family comedies are always evolving, and sometimes they closely resemble real life. And though we like funny and heart-warming movies, it’s always interesting to watch a movie we can relate to as fathers. So we’ve gone and selected three family-friendly films currently out in UK cinemas that each depict different forms of fatherhood and are each worth taking a couple of hours out for.

Instant Family

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Based on a true story, Instant Family depicts the life of a couple who finds themselves fostering three children. Mark Wahlberg plays the role of Pete Wagner, who builds and renovates homes with his wife, Ellie Wagner, played by Rose Byrne. Pete embodies the image of what a supporting husband is. He shows support and always listens to his wife, when she needs it. While Ellie goes through hardships with their foster teenage daughter, Lizzie, played by Isabela Moner, he sticks up for her. Instant Family shows us how a father is supposed to play on the same team as the mother, instead of playing good cop, bad cop.

What Men Want

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Although the movie itself did not receive the best critics (47 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes), they are some great father figures represented. Ali Davis, a successful sport agent played by Taraji P. Henson, can always count on her father’s support. Skip Davis, Ali’s father played by Richard Roundtree, is a boxing trainer and a literal punching bag for her daughter, when she is stressed out from work. He displays what it is like to be a widowed father to a daughter. Moreover, Will, Ali’s love interest played by Aldis Hodge, is also a widow raising a six-year-old by himself. Will shows the difficulties of dating when you lost your life partner, and how tough it can be to raise a child by yourself.

Fighting With My Family

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This superb movie, based on WWE British wrestler Paige’s life story, just came out on UK cinema screens last month. Fighting With My Family does not display a picture- perfect family. It does however, shows a strong and passionate father who makes mistakes. Rick Knight, played by Nick Frost, is a father of three who, though a flawed man, remains a strong father figure to his family.