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5 top YouTube channels for kids

YouTube Channels
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Social media can give children hours of entertainment. But what are the best YouTube channels for kids to watch?

Whether we like it or not, social media is here to stay, and kids love it. Browsing YouTube has become the favourite pastime of many children – and adults. There’s so much material out there that will guarantee them hours of fun – some of it even educational.

But as a parent, it’s important to keep track of what they’re watching, since not everything is suitable to children. We’ve gathered the available information and produced this list of the five top child-friendly YouTube channels which are safe for your kids to watch – and might even add a beneficial twist to this usually wasted time.

Sesame Street

If you thought the classic old kids’ shows aren’t going with the times, then you’re wrong. Sesame Street is running an excellent online version of one of the greatest TV shows of all time for kids. They update new videos every couple of days bringing all your child’s favourite characters to the computer screen, including Elmo, Big Bird, the Cookie Monster and more.

Houston Zoo

If your kids like animals, this amazing YouTube channel will give them great pleasure. Featuring footage and information on all your children’s favourite animals like lions, bears, elephants and more, Houston Zoo is both fun and educational. This way you can turn your child’s social media consumption into more than just a way of killing time.

Simple Kids Crafts

Featuring frequent new videos, Simple Kids Crafts is a great YouTube channel for children with a creative drive. It provides instructions on how to craft wear for dolls, miniatures, and other items which your child may find fascinating and fun to make. Watching this channel, your kid will learn how to do things themselves and inspire them to come up with their own ideas.

Kitties Mama

This popular YouTube channel brings out new videos every Wednesday and Saturday, largely centred around challenges and tutorials. Kitties Mama will keep your children entertained and let them follow the cast of four people around as they explore the exciting world of… Well, everything from advent calendars to fairs.

TED Education

Do you enjoy watching TED and TEDX talks? Well, now you can spread the obsession to your kids through the TED Education YouTube channel. This more child-friendly version of educational talks and videos is fun and entertaining and will teach them about a whole range of subjects, from scientific to historical and literary topics, making this one of the most beneficial YouTube channels for kids.