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The top parenting hacks revealed

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

A new poll has revealed some of the favourite hacks parents use for raising their kids.

‘Life hacks’ have long been a popular topic on the web, revealing little tricks to be more efficient in life. Now, a new poll has asked parents what they consider to be the best parenting hacks.

Who carried out the poll?

The vote was carried out by Bassetts Vitamins. They are known for creating soft and chewy vitamin pastilles. For the survey, they polled 2,000 mums, dads and carers.

Why did they create this poll?

Skye Lucas-Banks from Bassetts Vitamins stated, “When it comes to parenting, we know first-hand that it can sometimes feel like you’re caught in the cross-fire of everyday challenges – from tantrums and fussy eating, to gum-in-hair and other parental pleasures. So, when we find a tip, hack or approach that works, it’s second nature to pass it on.”

Where did parents get their tips from?

The study discovered in one in five of the polled parents picked up great tips from talking with parents. These discussions were in person, both at the school gate and at parents’ evenings. One in three respondents said they prefer to ask their mother over their father for questions on parenting. While 90% of the poll agreed the older generation had given them valuable parenting advice. Two in five parents also said they learnt on the job, finding out hacks from day-to-day parenting.

What are some of the hacks?

Many parents emphasised the importance of kids eating their 5-a-day. A quarter of those polled would play eating races with their kids to get them to eat their greens. While 28% would reward their kids eating greens with dessert. And three in 10 also confess to hiding vegetables in meals so that kids don’t spot them.

Online tips were important for many. Indeed, many parents recommend finding parenting hacks online. They said it was important to understand web acronyms, like LOL and GTG. Understanding emojis was also mentioned by many in the survey. Parents also said it was vital to master parenting controls on digital devices.

Some of the other top tips included learning how to stop tantrums in supermarkets, learning names of characters from kids’ TV shows and how to remove chewing gum from kids’ hair.

Check out more of what parents have to say on Bassetts Vitamins’ Facebook page.