Sex tips for busy parents

Sex life
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Luxury pleasure brand LELO reveal how to maintain a great sex life despite being a busy parent.

The sex lives of parents – or lack thereof – is a subject often joked about. But despite its levity, it’s a serious concern for many couples. However, there some changes you can make to bring that flame back beneath the sheets.


Spontaneous sex can be the sweetest, especially if you let looking forward to it all day serve as foreplay. We often forget how much fun it is to let yourself go with complete and absolute abandon. Leave everything for few minutes and devote them to your spouse behind the closest door.

Sensual accessories

If toys are something you haven’t used with your spouse before, maybe it’s time to try them out. A good place to start is with a couples’ toys that enhances the sensations of both partners simultaneously.

Watch porn together

Watching porn together should be taken as a fun, sexual aid that serves as erotic inspiration as well as a way of bonding over fantasies. Try and get through the entire video before touching each other. Or copy the positions and acts as you watch. You could even give your partner oral pleasure while they watch it.

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