Top Tips To Avoid Injury At The Gym

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here are some tips to prevent injury at the gym and ease your way back to fitness.

1. Commit to a warm up

Before starting any type of exercise, it’s important to warm up with dynamic stretches. These are active movements that puts your body through a range of motions, and accomplishes flexibility of the muscle groups you’ll be using. Benefits include far fewer injuries, as well as achieving greater power and a more efficient workout.

2. Progress at a steady pace

If you’re trying to increase the amount of exercise you do, whether to lose weight or build muscle, be sure to only raise the frequency and intensity at a steady pace that your body can handle. The key here is to gradually improve your volume over time, and don’t be afraid to drop back down.

3. Rank your pain level and modify

If you experience discomfort while exercising, take a moment to ask yourself how bad it is; can you still perform normal activities or is your everyday life being affected? It’s important to seek medical assistance immediately if your injury is impacting your daily routines, but, if pain is mild, consider trying a lower intensity workout for a while. Additionally, consider also using ice, heat, or relief balms to get the pain under control.

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4. Avoid sitting for hours on end

No matter how fit and strong you are, back pain is common in even the most sedentary actions. For instance, working from the kitchen table, sofa, or even your bed are far from beneficial for your posture. Even sitting at a desk for long periods of time can have negative consequences. The best ways to avoid back pain are to take advice on ergonomic set-up solutions and get up for multiple breaks throughout the day.

5. Don’t forget self-care

Among the most important tips to avoid gym-related injuries is to practice self-care! If you’re suffering from a little discomfort, worry and stress can exacerbate the pain. If you’re unsure as to the extent of any damage, it may be beneficial to visit a professional to seek clarification. Otherwise, following self-care habits like mindfulness and meditation can help to reduce anxiety and even alleviate physical pain.

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